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I’ve been coming here for nearly two years and have found Shirley to be the best. She’s sweet, gentle, and thorough.

More importantly, the breadth and depth of her knowledge of skin care is immense. Being an Asian male with terrible acne, she knows what treatment is right for my oily skin.

Thanks to Shirley, I’ve had fewer breakouts, less black heads, my pores are less noticeable, and I actually look younger than my friends who are all in their early twenties (I’m in my thirties). Someone mentioned that I must have Benjamin Button disease lol.

Don’t be a cheapo, do your skin a favor, and go see Shirley. You won’t regret it.

David T.

I found Stairway to heaven about 10 yrs ago, what a Blessing to find Wonderful Shirley. She is one of a kind and the thought to ever have to find someone else would definitely be hard shoes to fill. She is a master at what she does, she cares about her clients and listens to your needs and your areas of concern. She is consistent with her services and always confirms that she has met all your needs, she truly cares that your 100% Satisfied With Your Facial Experience. I have Never left feeling dissatisfied. She has a new location which is Amazing, her room is very nice and relaxing, it’s Great!! I definitely recommend her servies, you won’t be disappointed. : )

Melinda O.